Map of Montenegro. Places to Visit, Beaches, Resorts


Going to Montenegro, many tourists are planning not only to relax on the shores of the cleanest Adriatic Sea, but also to visit the main attractions of the country, admire its nature or at least to go on an excursion.

Sometimes it’s not easy to choose the most awesome things — Montenegro is a very interesting country.

There are a lot of articles about top attractions in Montenegro, the main disadvantage of which, in our humble opinion, the lack of geographical coordinates. Preparing for the trip, we also looked at beautiful pictures and photos, and then it turned out that getting to the place we liked is very, very difficult.

Therefore, we have mapped all the sights, resorts, bus stations, beaches and places with beautiful nature we visited.

The main attractions, resorts and beaches of Montenegro on the map

We marked all the main attractions and resorts of Montenegro that we were able to visit on this map. The map of Montenegro with sights can be expanded to the full screen, enlarged and reduced. Different types of attractions are marked with different icons. Clicking on the icon opens a photo, a short description and a link to a detailed article about this place.

In addition to the sights of Montenegro, you can find descriptions of excursions to neighboring countries on the map — Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How to use the map of Montenegro and why do you need it?

Using our map is very easy. The first step is to find a resort where you’ll be relaxing. If you’re in doubt or have not yet decided, we recommend you to see our selection of the main resorts in the country. Tourists who prefer to see everything with their own eyes will enjoy a selection of photos from the main resorts of Montenegro.

Having chosen a resort, you need to find it on the map and explore the nearby attractions, which are easily accessible by public transport or a rented car. Prices for excursions to such attractions will also be significantly lower than inland.

If, for example, you’re not ready to travel by public transport, not interested in monasteries or caves — extra markers can be quickly turned off using the filter in the upper right corner (hidden on mobile phones to save space).

By choosing on the map the list of attractions you are interested in, it will be much easier to plan your trip.

Small advice: if you’re a wealthy person or are traveling with a company of 4-5 people, we recommend you to take a closer look at individual excursions by car — you’ll save a lot of time and headache.

There are not enough sights on your map. How to add some?

Only those sights that we’ve visited personally are marked on the map. Or those our friends were at. Almost all of them can be visited in just 7 days. There will also be time to swim. This is convenient because you get first-hand information from people who actually visited the places they write about.

If you are lucky enough to visit other parts of the country, we’ll gladly post your review in the form of a small useful article with photos. To do this, just contact us.

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