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Like each of you, we are ordinary tourists who like to travel to different countries of our vast planet and learn something new, not yet known. Every time we try to save some money on our vacation, looking for inexpensive, but comfortable hotels, interesting excursions, tasty and healthy food.

Today, our article will touch an equally important issue for all tourists – transfer from the airport (Tivat and Podgorica) and comfortable trips between the cities of fabulous Montenegro.

How and where to order an inexpensive transfer in Montenegro? Save some money on taxi

Many of us have faced a similar problem: upon arrival on vacation in a certain country, only at the airport do we start to think about how to get to our resort?

Cars at Tivat airport
A string of cars and minibuses are waiting for their customers at the airport in the city of Tivat.

So that your vacation does not turn into a nightmare from the very beginning, we recommend you to worry about a comfortable trip to the hotel in advance. After all, it will not be difficult for any tourist to order a good car at home that will wait as long as necessary, right at the exit from the airport building, rather than trying to bargain with a greedy taxi driver on the spot.

By the way: some vacationers complain about not very honest taxi drivers who drive them through different road, managing to cheat taximeter for some additional kilometers.

Since we were extremely interested in the issue of a convenient and inexpensive transfer in Montenegro, we reviewed many of the offered services and identified the best for ourselves.

It is called KiwiTaxi. Most of the tourists who turn to them for help were satisfied and continue to use their services, attracting more and more customers. I would like to add that the service is international and provides transfers in many cities and countries of the world. The cost of services is fixed and does not increase when driver choose another road unforeseen by logisticians.

Taxi cost in Montenegro

Ordering a taxi in Montenegro is not a problem, especially if you do it in advance. Otherwise, if you take taxi on the spot, you run the risk of overpaying several times more.

Hardly any of us would like to stand in the sun with suitcases under the airport and persuade the taxi driver to lower the price (in most cases this is useless, because there are always people willing to get into the car for the price indicated by the driver). In general, a taxi on the spot can cost you a lot: for example, to get from Tivat to Budva will cost 50 euros and more, in contrast to a car ordered in advance from 20 euros, or even 15 euros.

There is another option – regular buses, but firstly, they do not run very often, and secondly, they do not drive directly to the airport and, of course, will not go to your hotel either.

Helpful advice!

Do not forget that the time difference between your city and Montenegro may vary. It’s located in GMT+1, so it’s better to switch your watch if it’s not automatic.

If you are an experienced driver, there is an additional alternative for you – car rental. The car will be driven to the place that you specify and problems associated with the way to the resort will disappear automatically.

Rent an inexpensive car in Montenegro

Is it possible to save some money on a taxi and how to do it?

It’s possible and even necessary! You just need to order a car in advance and, as we have already written above, you will save at least 50%.

The transfer is carried out also between the cities of Montenegro, so you can always count on a comfortable journey with an experienced and sociable driver.

Taxi from airport to villa – book in advance

If during the process of planning your trip you decide to use the service offered by us, we advise you to book a car at least 16 hours before the expected arrival. Thus, experienced logisticians will be able to choose the shortest path to the hotel in order to offer you the lowest price for the provided transfer service.

The road to the villa: does the cost of the trip depend on the location of the house?

If you use the service like KiwiTaxi, you indicate in the column Where, in addition to the city (resort), also the villa or hotel where you intend to live, a taxi will take you directly to the desired address.

Note also that the cost of the order is fixed within the city of destination, which means that no additional payment will be required, even if your accommodation is located at the opposite end of the resort.

Can I book a return transfer from the villa to the airport?

Yes, this is the best option. If you do not want to think about how not to be late for the airport on the last day of your vacation and at the same time not pay the last money for the trip – order a transfer from the hotel. It is possible to order a transfer there and back in advance, even from home.

How will I recognize my driver?

Don’t worry about this – the driver will stand at the exit from the airport with a sign with your name on it. For the return transfer (from the villa), the driver will wait for you in the lobby.

Can I be sure that they will definitely meet me?

Taxi near Tivat airport
There are always several taxi cars near the airport, but do not flatter yourself, their prices will unpleasantly surprise you.

As you understand, the company’s personnel are very interested in completing each order. The driver of the car will have your phone number (so keep it switched on), you will have the dispatcher’s number. Look carefully at the signs at the exit from the airport, they will definitely meet you!

If by some coincidence the driver did not contact with you within 30 minutes, you can order a taxi at the airport counter or from the villa – the company guarantees payment of compensation (several times bigger than your order).

What if my flight is delayed?

During the summer season anything can happen, flights often delayed. The car with the driver will definitely wait for you, and the price of the trip will remain the same.

Will the driver be able to understand me?

The company is trying to choose drivers who speak your language. Do not be upset if the taxi driver speaks only English or Montenegrin – he will already have all the necessary coordinates where you need to be taken.

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