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There are a lot of good resorts in Montenegro. At the same time, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should be considered when planning a vacation. In this article, we tried to tell you about how different resorts of Montenegro differ, which resorts we considered the best, and which ones are not ready to advise you.

Here we will try to talk about the advantages of the infrastructure of resort cities, their attractions, if you are more interested in beaches, we recommend you to read the article about beaches of Montenegro.

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Budva — the most popular resort in Montenegro

Budva is one of the most popular Montenegrin resorts. From here you can go on almost any excursion (excursions are not offered at all in many cities). Prices in Budva are quite high, but this is fully offset by a large selection of all kinds of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Budva is not a very good option for shopping. They mainly sell things from Turkey and China. But the city has something to see. I would like to highlight Old Budva with its medieval streets, cozy restaurants, a solid fortress, the bastion of which you can even climb (for a fee) and a yacht marina.

Well, and it is absolutely impossible not to remember the Mogren beach, the road to which we remember especially well.

Also, buses from Budva regularly run to almost all popular destinations. You can save money and go on an independent trip, it’s so much cheaper.

Accommodation in Budva is quite comfortable when compared with other Montenegrin resorts. Budget travelers will get a room in a villa, while the rich will be able to rent full-fledged apartments.

Photos of Budva are just excellent, you can see it for yourself:

Kotor — a medieval Italian town

Kotor is a small, typically Italian town, hidden in the depths of the Bay of Kotor. It’s famous not only for a huge number of churches and sights, but also for a massive fortress wall, which is second only to the Great Wall of China in size. In Kotor you can taste typical Italian seafood dishes, pizza and pasta.

In terms of shopping, Kotor is not the best option — it is an expensive city. It’s also worth recalling that it is very hot in Kotor in summer, and the beaches here are only concrete.

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Herceg Novi — the greenest and most comfortable city in Montenegro

Herceg Novi is one of my favorite Montenegrin resorts. This city is spread out on the side of a mountain, the streets are tangled here, first they go up, then they go down to the sea. Herceg Novi is the greenest and most comfortable city in Montenegro. It is remote from many tourist routes, and therefore the excursion program may not be provided in full. But the nature here is simply amazing.

In terms of shopping, Herceg Novi is a very good option. Prices here are lower than in Budva, Kotor or near the St. Stephen island. You can find goods from Italy, many clothes from China and Turkey. The beaches in Herceg Novi are mostly concrete. But there is no problem in going to one of the nearby beaches, for example, to the Zhanitsa beach.

St. Stephen’s Island — a resort closed to visitors

St. Stephen’s Island itself is closed to ordinary tourists. It was rented out for many years by one of the multinational travel companies. If you are offered to go on vacation to the island of St. Stephen, it means that you will be resting in a village nearby. The beaches here are not bad, although food and souvenirs are quite expensive.

In terms of excursions, there will be no problems, you can go to any one of them. You will have to pay to visit St. Stephen’s Island. The visit was allowed only in 2014, and before that it was necessary to reserve a table in one of the local restaurants (which was very, very expensive).


Interesting fact: on August 28, Montenegrins celebrate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and therefore anyone can get to the island.

Perast — a resort for very rich people

Perast is a very small town with one street. Usually very rich people who are looking for peace and quiet rest here. Prices here are about 2 times higher than in other resorts, and there are very few hotels.

The beaches in Perast are only concrete. To be honest, we would not advise you to relax here. In our opinion, the majority of tourists in Perast will be bored.

You can even get to Perast by bus (although there is no bus stop in the city) if you go from Kotor to Risan.

Tivat — an undeservedly unheard resort

Despite the fact that for most vacationers Tivat is only the airport where they arrive, the city is also a good resort, which is especially popular among Montenegrins — they do not like crowds of tourists too much. Tivat is famous for Porto Montenegro — a huge pier for very expensive yachts, here you can find several interesting sights.

In terms of beaches, Tivat is a pretty good option — directly in the city the beaches are only concrete, but it will not be difficult to get to one of the convenient beaches outside the city. These inconveniences are compensated by the low number of people on the beaches and rather low prices. In Tivat, you can easily afford a little shopping.

Cetinje — a tourist town without a sea

Cetinje is the ancient capital of Montenegro. Many interesting sights have been preserved here, especially the Cetinje Monastery, which stores the right hand of John the Baptist.

There is no sea in Cetinje — the city is located in a high-mountain valley. It should be noted that in terms of shopping, Cetinje is not the best option, the assortment here is modest, and the prices are quite high.

Bar — a port city that is great for relaxing

Bar is the largest (and in fact the only) seaport in Montenegro. The city is a large business center, and therefore the prices here are not quite touristy, but rather ordinary. Here you may buy Italian clothes, shoes, cosmetics or jewelry — read the article about shopping in Montenegro.

In terms of beaches, Bar is a fairly ordinary resort, there is nothing special here, the beaches are slightly worse than the national average.

But here you can see the ruins of the old city — very beautiful and unusual.

Ulcinj — if sandy beaches are important to you

Ulcinj is the southernmost city of Montenegro, practically on the border with Albania. The city is famous for its excellent sandy beaches and a huge number of sunny days a year. Please note that it will be hot on the beaches here. The beach season here lasts for half a year — from April to November.

The beaches of Ulcinj are covered with basalt sand, which is considered very beneficial for the musculoskeletal system. Luxurious olive groves grow around the city. There are also disadvantages — the mountains are almost invisible.

How to visit the resorts of Montenegro?

Most of the listed resorts can be seen during excursions. On the one hand, it’s convenient — they will show, tell and bring you everything. On the other hand, such a vacation is clearly more expensive than independent tourism.

How to visit Montenegrin resorts on your own:

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